The structure of death rituals differs consistently among regions of Albania. The death ritual contains very strong patriarchal features in the Northern part of the country; in southern regions (next to the seashore) and in Albanian communities living elsewhere in the Mediterranean basin, the features are more animistic; the females playing an important role in grief proclamation, suggesting a more matriarchaloriented ritual organization. The wailing of men in the northern Albania, the so-called gjama, is an organized ritual of crying for the dead person, and till recently it has been accompanied with self-punishing behaviors such as face scratching etc. The wailing of women is acceptable and codified as well in the northern areas (the so-called wailing of milk). A different situation, probably related to the social organization and to the gender role of females, is apparent in southern Albania. The death rituals hereby are mainly accompanied from the socalled “kuja”, (wailing through words) more impressive and loquacious than the northern masculine “gjama”. Similarities with Greek and Hellenic rituals (“Thrênos” and “Goös”) are suggested; probably embedding multiple cross-acting and inter-related influences.