Socio-Psychological Status of Female Heads of Households in Rajshahi City, Bangladesh

This study describes and examines the resource position and socio-psychological status of female heads of household in Rajshahi city of Bangladesh. For this, 120 households led by females were selected by convenience sampling from Rajshahi city, Bangladesh. The women heads were individually interviewed with semi-structured questionnaire method, focusing on access to resources and socio-psychological problems of the women who lead and run their households. The results of descriptive analysis and in-depth interviews suggest that absence of a male breadwinner and the lack of tangible resources led to a situation of increased vulnerability for the female heads of households in Rajshahi city, Bangladesh that, in turn, affect socio-psychological status of the female heads adversely. The study also suggests that the intangible resources like informal social support had, to some extent, compensated the scarcity of tangible resources for the female heads. In order to overcome the situations of female heads of households some policy implications are suggested. Based on probability sampling further research on this issue should be conducted in Bangladesh.