The struggling Tharu youth. Study of awareness among the Tharu tribe of India

The Tharu tribe is a famous tribal community of India. Tharu youths play a very dominant role in their community but they are not connected with the main stream of development. It is just a few numbers of them that are trying to get higher education and advanced technology. They do not have awareness of their traditional culture. They must have to get advanced education, communication, and technology. But they must stick to their old culture in order to keep their identity. Tharu youths are very backward in matters of advanced education, technology and communication. They do not like to go to advanced cities for education. Poverty, illiteracy and lack of communication are the main problems of Tharu Youths. At present there are many other communities that exist in Tharu area, so the process of cultural exchange is still going on. But they are against others who are capturing their land and forests.