The Mead Hall. Notes on the Name of Milan, Italy

When I started reading an article by Fumagalli (2008) about the etymology of the name of Milan, the capital of Lombardy as well as the economical heart of Italy, at first I began jotting down notes, only to notice that there was an Ariadne’s thread of symbols. The final result of this quest is a picture of Lombardy during the Bronze and Iron Ages, which can draw from a common Indo-European heritage, shared with better documented regions to support my hypotheses. The point of view is anthropological, and the conclusions are obviously partial and in progress. I hope, however, to contribute to shed some brighter light on the cultures of the Proto-Celts and the Celts who lived in Cisalpine Gaul, which so far could rely only on a number of archaeological remains as well as ambiguous Latin and Greek documentary sources.