Anthropometric Study of Nasal Index of the Kosovo Albanian Population

Human nose occurs in many shapes and sizes and ethnic influences my results in different appearances of the nose. Nasal index is an ethnic sensitive anthropometric index. It is an important athropometric parameter for classifying the race and sex of the individual whose identity is unknown. This study was undertaken to determine the nasal index of the Kosovo Albanian population. The study sample comprised 204 subjects (101 males and 103 females) aged 18-25 years. Nasal height and nasal width were measured using an electronic digital caliper, with accuracy of 0.01 mm (Boss, Hamburg – Germany). Descriptive statistics showed that Kosovo Albanian males and females had mean nasal index of 67.07 ± 6.67 and 63.87 ± 5.56, respectively. The distribution of the nose types showed leptorrhine to be 76.96 % and dominant type among Kosovo – Albanian population.