Birth and the Evil Eye in the Amazigh Culture in Morocco: The Case of Ayt Merghad

During the last decades, many beliefs in the Moroccan culture have undergone profound changes. However, people’s attitudes towards the evil eye as a destructive power have not changed that much. The belief in its notion is still a significant aspect of the Amazigh culture which is the concern of the present study. Therefore, this paper seeks to contribute to a better understanding of the phenomenon. On the one hand, with a special reference to the Ayt Merghad community, it provides a description of people’s attitudes towards this notion in relation to pregnancy and birth. On the other hand, it attempts to shed light on the different practices used in order to remove the effect of the evil eye in the target community. It can be concluded, that education has played a significant role in the way the evil eye is perceived and dealt with. However, the belief in its harmful effect is deeply rooted in the Ayt Merghad’s psyche.