Dementia and Epilepsy. Family and Kinship care Analysis

38 interviews of epilepsy patients and 22 interviews of care givers of Dementia (Alzheimer Disease) were conducted between August 2006 and July 2007 in neuropsychiatric hospital. The content analysis of these interviews is illuminated here in the paper. The cultural dimensions of epilepsy and dementia reveal social stigma, problems of marriage, school education and employment etc. in case of epilepsy as the main issues for the parents about it as disease, how do epilepsy patients being cared in home situations, who spend most of the caring time with the patients, family structure and composition are discussed; whereas in case of dementia the care givers discuss the strains in caring the dementia patients in the family. It recommends culturally appropirate interventions in such care and relevance of voluntary organizations in creating public awareness for such neuropsychiatric behavioral problems and they can act as the catalytic agents of mass awareness and change in rural areas of National Capital Region of Delhi (NCR Delhi).