Health Awareness Patterns. A Cross-Cultural Comparison between Muslim and Horizon Communities in Rajshahi Metropolitan City of Bangladesh

Health is one of the very important elements of human capital. The knowledge of health awareness enhances human being to get proper healthcare facilities all over the world. In Bangladesh health is one of the main fundamental rights of every citizen, which is ensured by the constitution. The present study, the author tried to find out health awareness patterns between the two communities (Muslim and Horizon). The purpose of the study was to examine and compare how health awareness knowledge influences on health outcomes between Muslim and Horizon communities. In this study, total number of 275 (150 for Muslim and 125 for Horizon) participants were interviewed by the author during April to July, 2012 in the Rajshahi Metropolitan City of Bangladesh. The simple random sampling technique was applied when sample size selected. Various statistical techniques were used during analyzed data with SPSS software in version 15. The present study showed that health awareness knowledge was greatly influence over the healthcare outcomes. The author found that Muslim community dominated the minor community (Horizon) in the various sphere of life. Most of the participants studied up to primary level which was 45.09%. 83.46% participants seemed that proper health awareness knowledge positively enhanced to get healthy life style. 49.10% participants seemed that communal destitution is existed to get educational attainment and take healthcare facilities. 87.28% participants argued that they were concern either permanent or temporary family planning methods. 79.35% participants showed their opinion that health awareness knowledge made conscious about primary diseases, how and where to take diagnosis and treatment of their suffering diseases. 83.23% participants expressed their fillings that health awareness and educational knowledge enhances to get better healthcare facilities and lead a better healthier life.