Interrogating Psycho-Social Problems of Muslim Women. The Indian Experience

The present paper is an endeavour to examine and emphasize the issues of psycho-social circumstances of Indian Muslim women in sociological perspective with special indication to their socio-economic, employment, educational attainment, rights and privileges, hindrances and restrictions, role and status as well as their multifarious problems from socio-religious stance at empirical context. Emphasis is also given to recognize their social position in textual and contextual spheres i.e., Islam and Muslim society.The facts and findings presented in this research paper are based on both the secondary sources and primary sources of data. Various relevant in print research references are consulted besides authors’ empirical observations on the community concerned at the micro as well as macro level to produce this paper. The abovementioned issues are empirically examined and discussed based on data available and collected and put the facts alongside in an organized manner.