The Sickle Cell Anemia health problems. Traditional and Modern treatment practices among the Soliga tribes at B.R.Hills, South India

The Sickle Cell Disease or the Sickle cell anemia common genetic disease affects millions of people worldwide. Many Soliga tribals suffer from the genetic disorder of the Sickle Cell Disease, 4.2% of the Soligas have AS type of Sickle cell trait (heterozygous), 0.2% of the Soligas have the Sickle cell anemia (homozygous), and the remaining 95.6% of the Soligas have normal haemoglobin, Traditionally, they include different types of folic acid related green leaves, fruits, and tubers in their daily diet which helps in the natural control of the disease since there is a lack of Sickle cell anemia treatment facilities in the tribal areas. This paper will focus on the spread of the Sickle Cell Disease among the Soligas, including their food habits, traditional treatments, and the different types of pains which the patients are facing, as well as their awareness and expected Sickle cell anemia steps to help in curbing it.