Femininity as Divinity. Depiction of Goddesses at Kailash Temple Ellora

The sculptural representation of the Indian goddesses carries divine procreative powers in exaggeration of the globular pendulousness of breasts. Accordingly, there is an emphasis on heavy hips and pudenda. There are inherent movements and livelihood in Indian sculptural art. They are depicted sometimes in a posture of dancing quite often modeled in relief rather than sculptured in the full round. The Indian artist relied more on suggestiveness –the expression of the eyes, the hand gestures, the flexibility of the body, the force of the body and the physical proportions as per the context. The use of abstract meanings through gratifying sculptures within the realm of religious connotations was an artistic tradition. The emphasis has been given to the spirituality through the pleasurable imagery of the human mind. The phenomena emerge out as an experience of divine discourse through the worldly desires.