Impact of Flood and Siltation on Socio-Economy A Case Study of Dhemaji Revenue Circle, District Dhemaji, Assam

Dhemaji district of Assam is very prone to flood and siltation because of various hydro-meteorological and topographical characteristics of the basin in which it is situated. Jiadhal, the main river of Dhemaji district, has long been considered as a problematic river in the history of Assam due to re-current and extensive flooding and siltation. Flood and siltation in the Jiadhal basin is characterized by their extremely large magnitude, high frequency and extensive devastation. An extensive field study has been done along the river Jiadhal. Household survey was carried out with detailed and exhaustive questionnaire. Statistical methods were applied to understand the intensity of impact of the river on socio- economic activities of the population. It has been found that the extensive flood and siltation in the basin has changed their socio economic status and have adapted and coped with the new environmental change in the riverine areas of the Dhemaji district. These hazards posed threat to the local people who lived along the river. Losing of residential and agricultural land are main issue and problematic issue. The exploitation of the land, proper management and control of water resources are of vital importance for bringing prosperity in the pre dominantly agro based economy of this district. The paper light on the overview of socio economic impact of the siltation and flood on the population in the area near the river Jiadhal to understand household’s, mapping method which local people have used to mitigate and to protect siltation and flood and to suggest some suitable measure.