The Perception of Color and The Meaning of Brilliance Among Archaic and Ancient Populations and Its Reflections on Language

Introduction; Yellow-blue and red-green; Radiant-not radiant, appearance, skin, hair and surface; The blue-green problem; Green stones: jadeite, nephrite, serpentinite…; An aesthetics of color and brilliance? ; Sources of natural colors; Purple and purple; Hebrew textiles, Phoenician porpores and biblical blues; The colors of the Greeks; Blue, glass and faience pottery; Color in Mesopotamia; The colors of the Egyptians; Origin of chromatic terms in the Neolithic and Bronze Age; The color of the sky and the adjective caeruleus; The colors of the Mycenaean Greeks; The color of the Greek sea; The problematic blue and the ford issue (Isatis tinctoria); Hyacinth, glaucous and lost: (a) Hyacinth; (b) Glaucus; (c) Lost; Conclusion.