Anthropological Reflections on the Interventions on Genitalia

The present paper reflects on the possibility to ban and/or reduce the interventions on both male (IMG) and female (IFG) genitalia in different contexts using a pandisciplinary approach. The common hypothesis on the origins, development and effects of IFG and IMG are first considered. Then the following aspects are out-lined: the problems connected to the dualisms that these interventions are facing; those related to hierarchies favoring them; the roles of beliefs and beliefs formation; the influence of rituals. IMGs were subdivided into therapeutic, prophylactic, ethnic and “for other reasons” circumcisions, and for each of them the possibility to be eradicated was evaluated; the same happened for both the reductive (i.e.: clitoridectomy, infibulation) and theexpansive forms of IFG such as the longinymphysm. Finally, some tips useful for subjects actively involved in IFG- and IMG-related causes are furnished, in the hope to permit them more fruitful outcomes.