Les représentations plurielles du corps sidéen

This article tries to clarify the complex relationships between the biological reality of the HIV-positive bodies and the ensemble of social representations it causes and which, in turn, stigmatized it in a in a bundle of stigmas and discrimination justified as preventive. This way the HIV-positive body is inscribed within a broader register of categorization we named the ‘body-other’, which is contemporary with the birth of anthropology aiming at defining, since the 16th century, the ‘bodily weirdness’ of non-European populations. At the interface of the biological and the social, the AIDS-suffering body represents the ill and contagious body, and thereby threatening the social cohesion, whose stigmas renew the imaginary of ‘evil’. We will try to analyze the link between these different representations, showing the importance of the inevitable dialectic between, on the one hand the bio-somatic and cultural factors, and on the other their political and economic outcome.