Rastafari in the Promised Land. An Investigation among Israeli Rastafari

Alongside the recent sociological theories related to multiculturalism, recent years have been marked by the development of anthropological theories on critical multiculturalism, in particular regarding the importance of ‘de-essentialising’ cultures, in order to avoid cultural essentialism. This article contributes to a de-essentialisation of the Rastafari movement, by studying its local manifestation in Israel. Since its inception in Jamaica in the 1930s, the Rastafari movement has been strongly influenced by Judaism. Nevertheless, the consequent globalisation and “glocalisation” of Rastafari also seems to suggest that Jewish people in Israel have been influenced by the Rastafari “way of life”. Rastafari in Israel seem as a result to be people “in between” Judaism and Rastafari, the secular and the orthodox, and peace and war.