Homo communicans (I parte) Ricostruzione tecnologica del motivo a fasci tratteggiati sulla lamina calcarea Spe 04 14 0 ‘P’ di Grotta S. Pellegrino (Laterza – Taranto)

The aim of this research is to reconstruct the gestures involved in the production of the engravings on a fragment of limestone layer covered with red ocher, attributable to the final stages of the Upper Paleolithic. A number of discriminating elements could be listed by means of observations from the real and the microscope, and by comparing experimental and archeological incisions. It was also possible to update the longitudinal action dictionary. You can view the images of this research in high definition by downloading them from: https://www. researchgate.net/publication/316215401_Homo_communicans_I_parte-ALLEGATO.