When Concepts Trump Percepts: How Our Visions On The Body Are Changing In The Transition From The Analogic/Televised To The Digital/Reticular Era

The author considers different clues permitting to understand what could happen to our visions on the body in this transitional era. We are in fact passing from an analogic/televised era, in which biopolitics dominated the scenario and the bodies were under control, to the digital/reticular era, in which the control, according to some thinkers, could be exerted on emotions (psychopolitics will be for them the next form of control). Some aspects related to the odiern trends in politics are considered, particularly those influencing the incredible flux of information surrounding us, with impact on our bodies and minds. The role of cognitive sciences in coping with the transition is sketched, together with clues coming from sport, that is the trendiest human activity permitting a better understanding of the new perspectives offered to our bodies in terms of inclusion of “alterity” in them. This not only in terms of devices, but also molecules, thanks to the new techniques, belonging to both genetics, nano and bio technologies, and robotics.