Processi di apprendimento culturale nelle cerimonie turche del mevlid: dalla cantante alla madre, dalla madre al figlio

In order to understand the dynamics and contents of the political project to strengthen Islam supported by the Party for Justice and Development (AKP) in contemporary Turkey, I surveyed twenty-five mevlid ceremonies officiated by women, who were the object of a research conducted in Bursa and Gemlik in 2014. These ceremonies highlight the process of transmission of values, norms and behaviors played out by the mevlid singers towards the participants. For this reason I analyzed the contents of the religious discourses pronounced by the singers and the ethicalbehavioral as well as cultural aspects observed during the religious meetings. I also identified two models of Islamic identity outlined and transmitted through religious discourses: a motherly female model and a childish /filial one. Both are internalized by the participants according to the level of their social conformity and identity awareness. These processes strengthen the Islamic identity of the population and the consensus towards the current government.