Stereotypes in Moroccan Arabic proverbs. A Pilot Study

The present article aims at providing an overview of a pilot study that is carried out on a corpus of stereotypical proverbs in Moroccan Arabic with the aim of investigating the variable(s) (age, gender, literacy level) that has/have the most significant impact on informants’ attitudes (awareness, use and agreement) vis-à-vis such proverbs. In line with this reasoning, 20 informants coming from different age groups, males and females and different educational background take part in this study. The study makes use of two research instruments the questionnaire and the proverb completion task to collect the relevant data. The quantitative analysis yields two patterns of result. Firstly, it shows that literacy level has the most significant impact on people’s use and agreement with stereotypical proverbs; secondly, age seems to be the most significant variable that affects people’s awareness of these proverbs.