An Ethnolinguistic Profile of Bangru: The Lesser-Known Language Community of Arunachal Pradesh, India

This paper attempts to present an ethnolinguistic profile of Bangru, the lesser-known language spoken mainly in 15 Bangru villages of the Sarli circle of the Kurung Kumey district in Arunachal Pradesh. Bangru language may be included in the Tibeto-Burman language family, though no evidence is available on its language affiliation. It is different from the languages of Nyishi and Puroik tribes residing in the same district, though they have social and cultural close affinities among them. However, while the Bangru language has been largely influenced by the Nyishi and it is used very much a mixed form of speech at present. But it would not be wrong to opine that the Bangru language is remarkably pure. Due to a prolonged and intense language contact with the Nyishi and Puroik languages, Bangru reflects remarkable changes in the linguistic structures. The status of the language shows serious signs of endangerment.