An Ethnographic Profile of the Monsang Tribe

This paper presents an ethnographic profile of the Monsang tribe, one of the lesser known Naga tribes in the Chandel district of Manipur, a northeastern state of India. The objective of the paper is to make a systematic ethnographic compilation of Monsang history, society, culture and tradition and religious beliefs which are not much available yet. The rich oral traditions in the form of folksongs and folklores serve as a rich source for understanding their history, culture and tradition. The data were collected using an ethnographic technique, viz., observation, informal interviews and in-depth interviews with select elders of one Monsang village (Monsang Pantha) as key informants for the study. The study will certainly benefit younger generations to get a better knowledge of their history, culture and traditional practices in a written form and also serve as an account for those interested to know about the Monsang community in the region.