Effects of social stigma on children living with hiv/aids in Pune district, India

Studies have shown that stigma and discrimination fuel HIV transmission and hinder access to programmes and services. The greatest impact of HIV is on children and young people. An attempt to arrive at a clear picture of the effects of social stigma due to HIV/AIDS on Children Affected with HIV/AIDS (CLHA) is made in the present study. The research mainly focusses on identifying stigmatizing attitudes due to HIV/AIDS in the context of CLHA. The study was conducted in Lohiya Nagar and other pockets in the Pune city and the blocks of Indapur, Maval and BhoreTaluka of the district of Pune. With convenient sampling procedure a sample of study participants was obtained. Interview schedules, in depth interviews and case studies were done in the course of the research to gather relevant qualitative data. Results show that the problem of stigma and discrimination against PLWHAs is far from being reduced. It calls for special focus by the policy makers on the plight of children living with HIV/AIDS.