Modernisation and Change: A Case Study of Lawm and Sawm among the Kukis

All the tribes in India follow a specific type of village-based youth organisation, called dormitories, and known by different names among the different tribes. This is also true in case of the tribes inhabiting the North Eastern part of the Indian sub-continent. It is well known that the socio-cultural life of the youth centre around these dormitories. Besides, it was a place of traditional learning. However, such fine and glorious institutions do not exist in the present time. The modernisation of the people brought about by British colonial rule, the coming of Christianity and the spread of the western model of education are important factors that brought about changes and transformation. This paper is an attempt to highlight the importance of such institutions with special reference to the Kukis. Besides, the various reasons that could have probably led to the downfall or decay of these institutions will be taken into consideration. The paper will try to understand the transitional process from the pre-modern institutional form to the modern youth organisation.