Socio-Economic and Political Perspectives of Disaster: A Case Study of Flash Floods in Goa

Natural disasters are the nature’s way to maintain the balance as some people believe, while others consider it a punishment by the almighty for the sins committed by the humans. Within this framework, the factor that remains throughout is the will power and mental health of humans. Dealing with, and overcoming a disaster can be effective only if the people affected show a high spirit of cooperation. The aim of the study is to assess the socio economic and political aspects of a natural disaster and its management in the state of Goa. This study was done using the random sampling technique. The victims and survivors of flash floods were interviewed. The study analyses the causes of flood, Effects of the flood, socio economic participation, role of social media and political aspects. Co-operation is the key to deal with any situation and this can be built only if there is a good bond between the government and its people. Goa being a small state has successfully preserved that bond and the speed at which the state recovered from the flood is the proof.