Abdominal and Gluteofemoral Fat Distribution as Risk Factor among the Plains Garo Women of Kamrup District, Assam

The Garo women perform vigorous physical activity which is expected to bring changes in their body build and in the complications arising due to metabolic syndrome. The present work is an attempt to assess the disease risk of the Garo women from anthropometric measures of abdominal and gluteofemoral areas taking into account age, education and physical activity of the subjects as covariates. Considering both waist and hip circumference simultaneously identifies almost 20% more people as being at higher risk of death compared with using waist circumference alone. The majority of the women of the present study claimed to be physically fit when asked to self-report their health status. No cases of heart-related ailments were reported from them which might have arisen due to fat deposition in the abdominal and gluteofemoral area. This proposes that improvement of physical activity in an obese patient may improve their health regardless of whether the patient stays fat.