Anthropology of Food: A Study on the Feeding Habits of Kashmiri Muslims

Understanding the culture by its food pattern has been the interest of anthropologists for a long period because food represents a form of cultural expression. What the people eat in a particular society is usually determined by its culture and same is the case in the Himalayan valley of Kashmir. Forming a blend of multiple ethnicities, there has been the diffusion of cultural traits between various culture circles and this process has led to the unique identity to the Kashmiri culture. As the Muslims are supposed to follow the Islamic way of life but elements of different cultures has diffused within this religious identity, which led to various changes in the Islamic attributes. One of the areas where we witness this change is the way Kashmiri Muslims eat food. So this paper aims to explain how and what the Kashmiri Muslims eat along with the effect of modern feeding habits on the health of people.