Gender and Violence in a Domestic Space During COVID-19 in India: Insights from Anthropology

In the last few decades, gender issues have received importance from scholars across disciplines. The literature on the pathophysiology and epidemiology of domestic violence is extensive but an increase in domestic violence has led the academicians to seek epistemological answers from society. Further, the surge in domestic violence cases during the COVID-19 necessitated quarantine posed challenges for the government in terms of policy, governance and crisis management. In this view, the present article reviews the efficacy in implementation of fast track interventions during the lockdown period (March to August 2020) and their coherence in dealing with domestic violence at the micro and macro levels. The multifaceted aspects responsible for domestic violence have been discussed which have aggravated during the current pandemic. The paper analyzes the scope of the existing government strategies in intercepting violence against women especially during the management of the current crisis. The paper draws majorly from newspaper and government reports since research articles on the social impact of COVID-19 are limited. Studies based on theoretical frameworks from the discipline of anthropology can give an in-depth understanding of domestic violence in a varied socio-cultural context, and reflect upon the structuration of gendered male-female relationships.