Pulmonary function test of Coal Miners in Damini colliery, M.P. India

Coal mining is an ancient occupation, long-standing identification as being difficult and responsible due to injuries and disease. Spirometry predicts early damage of pulmonary system and respiratory chronic airway disorders. Exposure of coal dust affects various body systems. The present study focused on coal workers who are constantly exposed to air pollutants such as coal dust. Study was conducted among 400 male coal mine workers. Out of total mine workers, 205 workers were smokers and remaining 195 were non- smokers. Spirometry test revealed 9.75 % of workers were mild (26-30 years of age group), 20% moderate (31-35 and 36-40 years of age group), 6.25 % were moderately severe (41-45 years of age) and 12 % (from 46 years and above) of them was found severe obstruction stage among smoking workers. Non smoking workers were not affected by any types of obstruction, so there was significantly correlation between forced vital capacity and smoking workers. The results suggest that there is a need to improve their health and change their habits because it is more harmful to their health.