Reproductive Profile of Two Lesser-Known Tribes of Arunachal Pradesh – Miji and Sartang

Identifying and understanding the factors affecting fertility and mortality is important to maintain a balanced, healthy, and prosperous population. The present study is an attempt to understand the reproductive profile of two lesser-known tribes of Arunachal Pradesh, India – the Miji and the Sartang, and to comprehend the relationship between fertility and mortality. The study able to establish a range of factors affecting fertility and mortality. The average age at marriage is below the legal age of marriage for both the populations and affecting fertility. The educational status of the mother and age at first conception is also found to affect the fertility. However, occupation, religion, and uses of birth control measures show no impact on fertility in this study. The maximum prenatal mortality is found in the form of miscarriage. However, the study could not establish any factor influencing prenatal mortality except antenatal checkups. The study also found the impact of mortality on fertility in the form of reproductive compensation.