Social Networking Sites’ Addiction and its ill-effects: A study among youths of Delhi

With the onset of Web 2.0 technologies, dynamic user-generated content and growth of social media was seen in the society. Social Networking Sites (SNS) have become an inevitable part of our life. Despite its numerous advantages, uncontrolled extensive usage of social media has resulted in increasing the levels of addiction among the youth. Through quantitative methodology, the present study delineates social media usage among the youth, its levels of addiction and ill- effects caused due to social media usage. A self-designed questionnaire comprising of items from the Social Media Addiction Scale (SMAS) and the Internet Addiction Test (IAT) was used to gauge SNS addiction among youth. 50% of the research participants were found to be ‘somewhat’ addicted to social media platforms which pertains to the threshold of addiction and if preventive measures are not taken it may lead to extreme addiction. 73.3% of the population claimed deteriorating academic performance due to high SNS usage. 63.3% participants showed compulsive behavior when told to part from SNS.