Platform capitalism in its own way adopts tools used at the end of the last century by powerless people to make their critical voices heard by means of boycotting as well as alternative cultural proposals, and turns gender issues into ethnic ones. It destroys class solidarity (typical of manufacturing capitalism) by transforming people into social users where ‘one is worth one’ and the important ‘commodity’ they produce are personal data. It also creates communities essentialized as ethnic groups: i.e. the queer and the transgender communities, who are no longer individuals with a sexual preference, but groups that claim rights and protections superior to and different from those of others. We propose here to demonstrate how the process of ethnicization in the Anglo-Saxon countries, and in particular in the USA, Canada and Great Britain, is spreading to other advanced countries by the way of the culture of the politically correct and is ethnicizing them through the cancel culture. In the LGBT+ area this ethnicization has extended to reach a legal and linguistic occupation of territories that tends to the cancellation of (biological) women not only from the public sphere but, in perspective, even physically.