Attitudes towards Menopause and Menopause related symptoms: A cross sectional study among the Mising Tribal women of Majuli River Island, India

The main aim of the present study is to understand the attitudes of Mising menopausal women toward menopause and menopause related symptoms. For the purpose of the study, Majuli, one of the greatest river islands in the world is selected as the study area. The present study is a cross sectional study carried out among 500 Mising tribal women age ranging from 40-55 years. Purposive sampling method is used to collect the data. To investigate attitudes towards menopause the investigator prepared a checklist for collecting data by following the checklist of Neugarten, 1963 and Bowles 1986, Borah, 2017 and Saikia, 2020. Mean age at menopause in the present study is found to be 46.70±3.32 years. Most women were unaware about the occurrence of menopause or menopause related problems and takes the attainment of menopause negatively. But some proportion of women takes the attainment of menopause as a positive thing. Menopausal symptoms are very important in attitudes towards menopause in women. Some severe symptoms can lead to negative attitudes. In such cases it is very important to make some plans for evaluating menopausal symptoms and controlling them.