Covid-19 Riddle Exacerbating Gender (in) Equalities

There are clusters of evidence of gender-based violence (GBV) have been happening across the world for more than a year or so due to the effects of restricted movement of people due to the Covid-19 pandemic. It turns out that women specially Health Care Workers (HCWs) per se are being victimised owing to ‘paradoxical effects’ on account of intermittent lockdown culminated into encountering Intimate Partner violence (IPV). In this article, the authors elucidate a comprehensive picture of both GBV and IPV of countries irrespective of Global North and South through a medical sociological analysis of woman HCWs and other innocents women in the household domain by evidenced based interpreting the publication history, retrieved from the PUBMED, and Google search engine between 1930 and early 2021, covering a large number of developed and developing countries. The article also critically analyses the pattern of violence-specific digitised rescue system including building temporary shelters for rescued victims with the support of the respective government agents and NGOs. This present comprehensive picture of both GBV and IPV in workstation and household level can assist restructuring the fruitful dialogue amongst the policy makers around the world to re-programme the gender norms for the benefit of women.