Health Care system among the Gond Tribes of Tarandul village, Chhattisgarh, India

Health care system in India provides the facilities of public and private sectors. The services of public sector are mainly accessible to all. Tribes of India in majority rely on traditional medical practices, whereas public hospitals or services are mainly available at primary health care services level. This study is an attempt to understand the health care system available to the Gond tribes of Tarandul village, Chhattisgarh focusing on the ethnomedical practices present among them and to analyse the viewpoints of the people of the Tarandul village to modern health care system. Methodologically, different methods of ethnography such as participant observation, in-depth interviews, and case studies were used through two immersion processes in 2019. The health care system present in the village is mainly based on magico-religious treatment and herbal medicine. Modern medicine started intervening on some of the diseases however; the region is facing a major problem in accepting the modern medical system.