Immuno-Nourishing Early Cultures: Re-Evaluating Temple Rituals During Covid Pandemic

People from different walks of life responded differently to coronavirus, with some completely unaware, while some lost their life. The pressing question in this context is, how humans, as a species, can be ready to combat pandemics like that of covid-19. That question as answered by many on a global scale, is, boosting the immunity of the people. This paper, with the help of scientific studies conducted in different locations by different researchers are used to evaluate a collective framework of such immune nourishing behaviours empirically, as it is appealed under Hindu customs. Research evidence from different fields of study with direct or indirect bearing on the study topic is considered; to understand whether there exists any support for the nurturance of a behavioural immune system. The Hindu temple and the ritualistic behaviors that happen amidst prayer was the foundation of the study. Absence of research evidence to yet say that prayer has any significant and direct health related benefits is considered, while the fact that no study has yet considered the effect of prayer on a holistic scale remains. Research evidence available is compiled and a step-by-step narrative, straight from the time period the devotee wakes up to the culmination of the prayer in the temple is provided. Some studies just focus on the nature of materials employed, while some, on the rituals or adapted forms of the same, while some, on the ambience alone.