Nutritional status and parental socio-economic conditions among the adolescent boys and girls of Sombaria village of West Sikkim, Northeast India

Adolescence is a nutritionally vulnerable developmental stage. The nutritional requirements of the body during the adolescent stage increase tremendously due to rapid physical and mental growth. Poor nutritional status can make an individual susceptible to various health problems. The objective of the present study is to examine the nutritional status and its associated socio-economic factors among the adolescent boys and girls of Sombaria village, West Sikkim. Data was collected from 100 adolescent boys and 100 adolescent girls aged 12-19 years through random sampling method. The study shows the higher prevalence of underweight among the adolescent boys (42.00%) than adolescent girls (26.00%). The prevalence of overweight/obesity was higher among the adolescent girls (15.00%) than adolescent boys (8.00%). The higher frequency of overweight/obesity was found in the middle-income group among the adolescent boys (15.38%) and higher income group among the adolescent girls (17.39%). There is a significant association between various socio-economic conditions with the distribution of different BMI values. The factors influencing nutritional status must be identified and understood in order to develop the best strategies to eradicate the prevalence of underweight and overweight.