Change in Bodyweight during 2nd lockdown of COVID-19 Pandemic: A cross-sectional study among overweight and obese respondents of central India

India has faced two waves of the pandemic of COVID-19. To control the transmission of the virus lockdowns were imposed which changed the life style of people. The level of physical activity was declined and resulted into weight gain. To prove this hypothesis, the present study was conducted with the objective to know the extent and determinants of body weight change among the overweight and obese respondents. The data was collected from district Sagar of Madhya Pradesh state of India. A total of 120 respondents of age group 20-60 years who were overweight and obese were measured before and after the 2nd wave of pandemic. It was found that loss of bodyweight is higher (60.3%) among overweight respondents as compared to obese i.e. (39.7%); whereas the prevalence of weight gain was higher among obese respondents (58.1%) as compared to overweight (43.5%). Similarly, the weight gain was found higher among the females, housewives, sedentary workers and middle age (41-60 years) respondents. During the 2nd wave of lockdown the body weight change among overweight and obese respondents was witnessed in equal proportion; as ~50% were lost their body weight whereas similar proportion has gained body weight. Education, occupation and income do not have any association with the change of body weight; whereas the association of weight gain was seen among the females, obese as well as sedentary workers.