Health Problems of Hanji Community: A Study of District Bandipora of Jammu and Kashmir

In resource-dependent communities such as the Hanji/fishermen community, human health supports the ability of individuals and families to maintain sustainable livelihoods. The Hanji/Fishermen community is involved in dangerous and complex profession and it faces numerous and unknown challenges such as it works overtime at the lake- nightshifts and late- night return from the lake which exacerbate its health conditions. A study was conducted in view to explore the health status of the Hanji community in the Bandipora district. One Hundred (100) respondents were randomly selected from five villages of hanji community in district Bandipora through simple random sampling. The data were collected during November 2020 to March 2021 and twenty respondents were selected from each of the five villages. Structured interview schedules were adopted to collect information on health issues faced by the respondents. The findings of the study indicated that out of 100 respondents, 32 suffered from skin infection, 19 respondents were affected by knee pain, 15 respondents suffered from eye disorder, 5 respondents suffered from headache, 7 respondents suffered from viral fever, 12 respondents reported that they suffered from back pain. Around 10 respondents also reported other health problems such as finger nail cavity, blistering and stomach problems faced by the Hanjis while engaged in the various fishing practices in district Bandipora. The study concluded that the Hanjis in district Bandipora are prone to various occupational health problems and strategies need to be developed to limit the problem and to promote their health status.