Prevalence of obesity and overweight among the Adults of Gunagi community Uttar Kannada district, Karnataka, India

The objectives of the present study were to determine and compare the prevalence of underweight and obese/overweight and their associations with specific dietary patterns and demographic determinants among the Gunagi community. The cluster sampling technique and simple random sampling were taken for data collection from One hundred and forty families of the Gunagi community. There are Four hundred and twenty-six people in one hundred and forty families (two hundred and twelve males and two hundred and fourteen females). Anthropometric measurements were taken on the entire sample of four hundred and twenty-six people ranging in age from twenty to eighty-seven years old. The data were collected and entered in MS-EXCEL and analysed using SPSS software. The data was represented in mean, std—deviation, frequency and percentage. The data was analysed by using Student’s t-test and Chi-square test. The p-value of 0.05 was considered significant. The overall prevalence of underweight (BMI<18.5) and overweight/Obesity (BMI ≥22.90kg/m2) was observed to be 17.4% and 39.9%, respectively. The sex-specific prevalence of underweight and overweight/obesity was higher among females than males. The study has identified that females had more overweight/obesity than males. Diet-related factors like eating a more proteinic diet, high fibre, fish diet, and green leafy vegetables have been shown to protect against obesity.