Quale dio preistorico stiamo piangendo e ci aspettiamo che risorga in questi giorni?

Ancient drama and tragedies as theatrical events are the artistic performance by the Athenians of the typical ritual acts in honour of Dionysus by his followers at a location just beyond the entrance-exit of the mines. His followers were originally all those who worked in the mines of the Balkan peninsula from 5800 BC. These people had uploaded to the chthonian god Dionysus all the events that led the people of the mines to death (lack of oxygen, flooding, precipitation of the lodge, etc.) When they came out of the mines they honoured the patron god for their salvation, who like them twice a year descended into the depths of the Earth and came out on its surface. His worship in the Balkans, especially in Thrace and the Aegean, was similar to the worship of Adonis. In the Orthodox Christian cult, the only thing that changed was his name. The priests in Hagia Sophia in Constantinople wore goat skins and performed the rite of transubstantiation around the holy table like the thymel, the altar of Dionysus, until the time of Patriarch Chrysovergis. In fact, they honoured the prehistoric god Dionysus in his capacity as a chthonian and not as the god of wine, fun and pleasure.