The Lodhas are an indigenous community living in the rural areas of West Midnapore and Jhargram district of West Bengal. My research investigation is an endeavor to present a grand narrative of Lodha life over a period of hundred and ten years, taking the Lodhas to be the subject of a historical situation and placing them on a timescale. This investigation is an attempt to present a reconstruction of the past of the Lodhas from traces persisting into the present, on the way of projecting a coherent historical narrative of the community. One of the basic objectives therefore is to raise their standard of living at par with the national average. In recent years, these communities have further been exposed to globalization through national commitment to the process. The schemes are concomitant to the development policies adopted by the government from time to time. Major focus of the research will be on the present socio-economic condition of the Lodhas in West Medinipur and Jhargram district of West Bengal in the parameter of development. This research enhances the scopes for further researches among other communities living in similar region.