A Study on Anxiety among the College Students of West Bengal during Pandemic

To control the spread of COVID-19, the honourable Prime Minister had announced a complete lockdown in the country from 25th March, 2020. Due to these circumstances, schools, colleges, universities and other educational institutions had to close on 16th March, 2020 and it continued for long time. The everyday life of the students has dramatically changed. This study focuses on the mental health through the anxiety level of the students during the lockdown situation. Data was collected from 200 under-graduate students (19-24 years old) from different semester of different colleges of West Bengal. In this research, S-type (state anxiety inventory) scale to determine students’ actual levels of anxiety intensity (how they feel at a particular situation) induced by stressful situation i.e. COVID 19 pandemic. Self-Evaluation questionnaire (STAI Form Y-1) consists of 20 questions. Each question is rated on a 4-point scale (Not at all, somewhat, moderately so and Very much so). The result revealed that the mean attitude score of the participants is 49.9±0.51 and attitude score reflects positive (or higher) anxiety score. Thus, an increased rate of anxiety is seen among the college students. They feel upset, worried, tensed, insecure, depressed, nervous, and indecisive; worsening the situation is the addiction to mobile phone, drugs and motive of suicide. It increases the mental health condition of the students through elevated rate of stress or anxiety.