A Study on the Chakpa Phayeng Haraoba a Ritualistic Practice of the Meitei of Manipur

The Meitei of Manipur has been possessed rich indigenous cultural heritage. The Lai-Haraoba, a ritualistic practice, is one of the indigenous cultural heritage of the Meitei of Manipur which has been handed down from the past to the present generation. It is broadly divided into four types such as Kanglei Haraoba,Kakching Haraoba,Moirang Haraoba and Chakpa Haraoba.The term Chakpa denotes the native people of Manipur, who belong to the major ethnic group the Meitei of Manipur. The present study aims to explore the ideational and/or symbolic aspects of the Meitei traditional custodianship system of cultural resources within the perspective of Cultural Resource Management (CRM) in order to identify their archaeological significances.