An Investigation on the Effects that the Local Flora and Fauna Have on the Health Care Practices among the Hill Karbis of the East Karbi Anglong District in the Indian State of Assam

Based on an empirical anthropological study conducted in that area, this paper describes the impact of the surrounding plant ecology on the health sphere of the Karbis of Kakojan village in the East Karbi Anglong district of Assam, as well as the various ethno-medicinal practices prevalent among them as a means of indigenous health care by utilizing the surrounding plant ecology. The Karbis of the village have a constant man-plant inter-relationship with the surrounding plant ecology, as evidenced by their age-old traditional ethno-medicinal practices that make use of various plants and herbs, both wild and domesticated, available in their surrounding ecology. Aside from these, this paper discusses various ethno-medicinal plants and herbs that they use to treat various diseases and ailments, as well as ethno-medicinal treatments for women’s health and gynecological issues.