CBC data from beta-thalassemia trait and other abnormal hemoglobin screening among the Bengali populations of India and its comparison with other studies

The Bengali population groups of West Bengal, India was studied for CBC (complete blood count) for the screening of beta-thalassemia trait and other abnormal hemoglobin. Results of the present study were compared with available other studies. In the case of the beta-thalassemia trait, prediction of CBC value was 99.9% positive. And in the case of the HBE trait, frequency of CBC negative (65.67%) value was much higher than CBC positive (34.33%). Biological distance values show that the British and Turkish are comparatively close in this respect. While, the Sardinian, Pakistani and Indian (Bengali) are maintaining far distance among themselves. However, the study population maintains a relatively far distance with the British, Turkish, Sardinian and Pakistani in both the genders.