COVID-19 and Challenges of Tribal Livelihood: Study on Perception of Oraon Community of Rarha Village, Jharkhand

During Covid-19, sustainable livelihood practice is one of the major challenging issues for every individual, community, and group member. The Oraon is one of the dominant agricultural-based tribes of Jharkhand state. The studied village is a multi-ethnic, semi-urban, and forest-covered village situated 25 km from Ranchi city. Their main occupation is cultivation and practicing forestry and day labour. Presently, they face socio-economic issues, which mean domestic and extra community inter-relationship challenges for their sustainable livelihood practices. So, they are mentally dis-balanced and depressed during lockdown reason due to Covid-19. The people are mainly facing economic problems for their livelihood practices. Thus, agriculture is the labour-based and mind set activities of the studies community. During the lockdown period, maintaining social distancing is the main motto for self-defence from covid-19. Therefore, their occupational practices are lost and stopped at that time, which is a significant issue of people’s depression.