Health Care Practices Adopted by T1dm Patients Residing in Chandigarh

Type 1Diabetes Mellitus (T1DM) is an autoimmune disease of the endocrine system. It is caused by the destruction of the beta cells of the pancreas, and as a result body produces little or no insulin, hence, external insulin administration is required throughout the patients’ lives. An intensive care regimen is required to successfully manage the disease. Health care practices may vary from individual to individual depending upon the various associated factors with the disease such as glycaemic control, associated diabetes complications, family income, educational status of the family, and treatment satisfaction. In the present study an attempt has been made to explore the health care practices being followed by the respondents to successfully manage the disease and their perceived usefulness. Conclusion: Healthcare practices and their perceived usefulness varies across different cultures. Also, lack of awareness among the sufferers about the management of the disease encourages people to try alternative treatments.