Health Status of Menopausal Women: A Study on Menopausal Health of Mishing Women in Assam

Menopause is a significant event that occurs in every woman’s life. The main findings on menopausal health reveal that the average age of menopause varies slightly between countries, which shows that fertility drops early in life of those women who attain menopause earlier. Menopause is not only a major signal for fertility loss but also for an increased risk of many midlife disorders and difficulties. The objective of this paper is to analyze the age at menopause, menopausal symptoms and health status of menopausal women. Sample consists of 98 Mishing women residing in several urban areas of Kamrup metro district, Assam. Observation and interview with a pre-tested schedule and anthropometric measurements with standard technique were used for collecting data. The mean age at menopause was 47.4±1.03. There was a high prevalence of arthralgia and myalgia (73.5%) and Fatigue (66.3%) in the present study. The women›s anthropometric measurements revealed further health issues. : 55.1% were in normal range of BMI, while 27.6% were overweight, 11.2 % were obese and 6.1 % were observed as underweight. Common comorbid conditions affecting the women were arthritis (36.7%), hypertension (22.4%) and diabetes (8.2%).