Except for a few catastrophic eruptions, the great famines of the past two millennia have been either the toxic result of the unequal distribution of resources within a society or of ideological experiments by dictatorial regimes. Agriculture, food, and demography have always been related and their control by those in power, whether political or religious figures, is central to every society, as the Nazis knew well. Talking about agriculture and food necessarily leads to talking about population and Africa, the continent of choice for alternative agriculture experiments by the large global agencies/NGOs. Talking about agriculture also means talking about land consumption, a very hot issue if we are to move from fossil fuels to renewable energies that consume much more land. Talking about renewable energies also means considering the environmental devastation generated by the production of the REE, their scarcity, and the developments of space exploration. It begs the question, is it really necessary to maintain the status quo, and who benefits from maintaining the current power structures by braking the climate change?